Abigail Paschke



"...comedy gold."

Schmopera.com, 2018


—Opera News, 2018

"If...Abigail Paschke [is] the future of the opera world, then it is in good hands." 

—Arts-Louisville.com, 2011

"Ms. Paschke not only sings delightfully but boy, can she dance too!"

—Operatoday.com, 2018

"Ms. Paschke positively radiated emotion, awe, and wistfulness as she sang..."

—The Washington Times, 2012​

​​"Soprano Abigail Paschke was sprightly and charming, exhibiting a voice as clear and acrobatic as one could wish."


—The Washington Times, 2012​


​​"Starring as Maria was Abigail Paschke,

who transitioned from 'flibbertigibbet'

postulant to transformative governess

with uncommon spark."


—Cincinnati Enquirer

"Abigail Paschke proved to be a soupçon of delight." 

Operatoday.com, 2018

"The sight of her...was enough to send the audience into hysterics."

Schmopera.com, 2018

"Abigail Paschke is lovely and silly..." 

—Arts-Louisville.com, 2011

"Abigail Paschke is a very good Valencienne."

—ArtsLouisville.com, 2011

"As Ilia, in a pink dress with flowers in her hair, lyric soprano      Abigail Paschke was sympathetic and sweet as the captive Trojan princess."


—The Cincinnati Enquirer, 2010